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M O U N T A I N    S T O R M    f i n e     a r t s

MOUNTAIN STORM fine arts is the web site of photographer Mitch Baltuch. A photographer for 40 years, Mitch has amassed a significant collection of images from around the world. Starting in 1972, he has shot nature, sports and commercial work before concentrating over the past five years on fine art and travel photography. Today, Mitch works purely in digital capture and creates his images by controlling the process from capture through to final print.

All prints on this site are available not only as fine art, but also as stock photography. If you are interested in Mitch's work for commercial purposes, please contact him to arrange licensing.

Mitch also provides photography lessons and workshops for both individuals and groups. He is available to accompany small travel groups to provide expertise in equipment selection and shooting instruction. Please contact Mitch for information and pricing.

Artist's Statement: I strive to use my photography to portray the world I see in ways that elicit an emotional response from the viewer.  I have a diverse set of interests about the world around me and the camera enables me to express those interests.  I do not endeavor to shoot only one type of image, but rather produce images that reflect my passion for, and interest in, the subject before me.
I use a camera, rather than some other medium, as it shows the world as I see it.  I do very little post-capture manipulation to ensure that what the viewer sees is a true representation of what I see.  I see the world in color, so my starting point for an image is the colors that comprise it.  While I enjoy viewing black and white images, it is not how I see the world around me. Color, along with lighting and composition, is a big part of the process I employ to capture what is before my camera lens.  Asymmetrical detail and color contrasts are also elements in many of my works.  My goal is to share the wonder and beauty of what is before me with others.


All images on this site are copyrighted and property of the photographer. No images may be reproduced without permission.

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